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Stever – Playground Isolator CD Review

Stever – Playground Isolator (you can also read our Interview with Karen here: Karen Stever Interview ) I’m a fan of warped music. No, quite literally, music that is warped, like playing a slightly sun damaged LP on a record player. Dwell on that sound for a moment while I set the rest of this […]

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Zombie Hunt Podcast

This is what happens when I get bored while driving… Not the best production out there, but hey, I spent the time doing it, now you gotta listen…

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Zombies in the Bible

As we grow closer to Easter Sunday, I figured I’d explore the various passages found within the Bible as they pertain to Zombies. There has been a long standing argument that Jesus could have been a zombie.  He died on the cross, was placed into a cave, came back to life.  Yeah, that could be […]

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Alpha Promo Zombie

My buddy David over at told me about a couple of goodies on his site. He runs a promotional products company, has done stuff for Disney, Starbucks, Harris, Longdoggers, Imus (just don’t my zombies nappy headed zombies! they’s eat ya!), and more.  I think it’s pretty damn cool that he took the time to […]

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