Sheldon S. Higdon’s Obituary

What would be your final words?  What would those who come after you have to say about your actions in life?

Sheldon S. Higdon has decided that while he is still among the living to cite what his final words will be.  He calls it The Obituary of Sheldon S. Higdon

Here’s the rundown directly from Higdon’s site:

“So here I am. I finally have an actual blog site where anyone can leave comments about my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or rants. Just about no topic is off limits for me to write about here on this site I call, The Obituary.

I’ll write about funny experiences I’ve had or about writing. Talk about films or comics. And have a discourse about politics and social issues.  I may even bring up the dirty stuff that happens at Cons. Do I want to embarrass my friends? Uh, yeah! But it’s out of love and respect. Nothing too harmful. As long as it is professional and courteous and doesn’t create some sort of flame war, then I welcome all of you to join.

I call this The Obituary because these could very well be my last words.

But let’s hope not.

Stay Evil,


I also understand that starting December 1st John Shirley will be the 1st Guest Blogger to post on Higdon’s Site.

Check it all out here:  The Obituary of Sheldon S. Higdon

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