Zombie Cop Comic Page 60 Exclusive!

This is certainly one of the highlights of running ZombieMall.com.  From time to time we attract some pretty damn good talent and this post boasts no different.  I was contacted by Comic writer, Jeff Mariotte, and illustrator, Szymon Kudranski, about a new comic project they are working on called Zombie Cop.  Jeff was cool enough to send me some exclusive sheets from the comic itself.  I’ll post them all over the upcomming weeks, I just wanna tease you all a little bit at a time.  You know I’m sadistic like that.

Zombie Cop’s premise, as told to me by Jeff, is this:

“Joe Mundy is a cop who, during the course of an investigation, is infected by the zombie virus. As he’s losing the mental and physical faculties that make him human, he’s still trying to keep his city safe and to solve his last case–finding the origin of the plague.”

It runs just over 95 pages and also contains an original horror novella, also written by Jeff (and illustrated by Szymon), set in the same zombie-plagued city!  Trust me when I say, this is not some shitty crap put together in someone’s basement.  The artwork is, wow.  I can’t give it words.  I’ll let you see for yourself.

 ZombieMall.com Zombie Cop


Keep your eyes here, I’ll release a new page each week until all 5 exclusive sheets are posted.  Also to be included is an interview with both the author, Jeff, and the illustrator, Szymon.  The book’s release date is January 14th.  If all goes well, I’ll also have a signed copy to give away for a future contest!


Stay Scary!

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  1. JigJog says:

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! I LOVE THE WALKING DEEEADDD!!!! Is Maul back??? i thought he was dead back when he got cneihad on the roof i think in the 1st season?? October 14th cant come soon enough!!!!!

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