Zombie Hot Dog

zombie hot dogWhat the hell is a Zombie Hot Dog? Every guy should know the answer to this. They may not be aware of the term, but trust me, they already know what it is. Guys, what “little guy” is always up before you? What is always hungry for “flesh” early in the morning? What has an appetite that can usually only be quelled by the devouring of a nice Zombie Taco? Yeah, that’s your Zombie Hot Dog!
Now that you know what it is, head on over to our shop and get yourself a shirt and let the world know you happily sport your Zombie Hot Dog whenever the mood hits you! We have the Zombie HotDog Boxers, the Zombie Hotdog Hoodie, the Zombie Hotdog T-shirt, and the Zombie Hotdog Baseball style Shirt. Oh, and don’t worry ladies, we also have the Zombie Taco apparel just for you!

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