ZombieMall Interviews Artist Rob Sacchetto

Listen… there is a guy who does kick-ass zombie art… (just one? – uhm.. no, but he is the only one that I am speaking about right now)

I was cruising through my shopping center a while ago and ran across this nifty deck of cards that was all zombied out and the artwork looked very familiar..  As I turned it onto it’s side, I saw that it was done by Rob Sacchetto.  I bought 6 decks right then and there.

I’ve known of Rob’s works for several years now.  I connected with him on Facebook (I’ll post his contact links at the bottom of this post) and over the years our virtual paths would cross, usually when we both would post on a mutual friend’s thread.

That is all behind me know, as I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with him and do an interview for my ZombieMall Podcast/Radio show.

Bottom line, this guy knows what he is doing and has turned out some very awe inspiring zombie artwork.

You can listed to the interview here:

ZombieMall Podcast / Radio Show Interview with Artist Rob Sacchetto

You can listen to the interview also by subscribing on iTunes here:

ZombieMall iTunes

You can watch a visual version of our Podcast on YouTube here:

ZombieMall Youtube Interview with Artist Rob Sacchetto

Rob Sacchetto’s Links:


Rob Sacchetto’s Facebook

Rob Sacchetto’s Twitter

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