Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Vampire Stake – Two Fang

You are looking at TwoFang.

TwoFang is a hand carved Vampire Stake.

I am not 100% sure what type of wood this Hand Carved Vampire Stake is made from, I want to say that it’s from cypress.

The Vampire Stake itself measures just over 13″ in length.

Why call it TwoFang?

When I make these, I really try to let the wood itself “talk” to me. Yeah, I know, that’s sounds really artsy fartsy doesn’t it? It’s true, however! I found this piece as driftwood along the White River in NE Arkansas and held on to it for close to 5 years before I actually started to carve and sand it down. It had three points on it, one I turned into the “handle” and the other two I helped coax their shape a bit. Normally I would have taken that smaller point off but on this piece it just looked too cool. It was tricky to get it smooth and this piece took about 9 hours total from start to finish.

Great care was used to carve this Vampire Stake and once finished it was given 3 coats of varnish to provide it with a nice finish.

Vampire Stake Handcarved – TwoFang

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