Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Vampire Stakes – Why Wood?

There are many ways to kill a vampire, and of course among them is the world known wooden vampire stake. I will detail other methods in other posts, but this post, THIS one right here, we are going to detail why a stake made of wood.

Going back as far as we can, the original intent of the wooden stake was to simply pin the vampire to the ground long enough for the one dispatching said vampire to lop off it’s head or bath it in fire (two ways to kill a vampire right there). One could have just as easily used a metal stake or anything sturdy enough and long enough to go through the vampire to pin it to the ground. Way back then, wood was just the easiest material to work with.

Over the years modern lore evolved that pinning to the ground to simply just needing to pierce the vampire’s heart with wood, and it was typically a specific type of wood that originated from that vampire’s turning point.

Then you get into the realm of different types of vampires and in more recent tales, almost any kind of wood can be used to dispatch them.

Here at we have taken a liking to cedar, specifically it’s heart (we love the color purple!).

Listen, we are vampires here so we know what works best. We also know that in your arsenal of weapons again other vampires you need a vast array of choices.