Sun. May 26th, 2024


There is the Romero zombie (as seen in movies such as Night of the Living Dead and in the original Dawn of the Dead). They shamble around kindav slowly, looking for flesh to consume. Because of their slow moving nature, when they are in relatively small groups it is easy enough to navigate your way through them, even when you are on foot. Now, with that said, we have also seen the Romero zombie “evolve”, starting with the captured zombie in Day of the Dead, and extending out into the movie Land of the Dead. From this one we know that zombies can be distracted by fireworks. But.. What makes them evolved is that they appear to be thinking (well Big Daddy). He looked as if he could ignore humans if he wanted, as if he knew there was a trap. He was able to “teach” other zombies how to shoot a gun, and also made them realize that they can cross a river without drowning.

In short we have slow-moving, but able to sortav think, zombie that wants to eat flesh.
We have always been told that the best way to kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head. It certainly stands to reason that if you ever encounter a Romero type zombie, a shot to the head will kill it, and that navigating your way around them could be done with relative ease.

More recent examples of the classic Romero zombie can be found in the ever so popular TV show, The Walking Dead (and it’s various spin-offs) which is, of course, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name, however, instead of referring to them as zombies they are called walkers (actually they have a slew of different names, shamblers, skins, the dead, dead-eyes, roamers, the list goes on and on.. and actually.. that might be a good topic for a post at some point…).