Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

ZMRTV : Health, Relaxation and ZombieWorld1

Back in 2014 or so I was feeling a bit down and decided to run a show explaining what I would do to pick myself up and the consequences of not.  Health, wellness, and relaxation are a vital element in the zombie apocalypse and this episode delves into that theory.

At about the 25 minute mark we take a commercial break and the rest of the show is a most excellent interview with Korky Young, one of the Admins and founding folks of a MAJOR Facebook group called Zombie World 1.  We talk zombies!  Also, to give context, as of writing THIS blurb today (March 28th, 2020) they are 50 folks away from being 14,000 members strong!  If you are reading this and are

not a member of that group, get yer ass over there and sign up!  You’ll dig it the most!