Wed. Jun 19th, 2024


The Viral Zombie

The Viral Zombie is perhaps the most popular of zombie categories for one main reason. Regardless of the type of zombie you are dealing with, be it a Rage Zombie, a Toxic Zombie,or the famous Romero Zombie, they all have one thing in common. Their bite can potentially infect others to rise up as a zombie as well.
Much like the Komodo Dragon’s bite, the Zombie’s mouth is full of bacteria and viral agents that once any of that putrid toxic filth enters a living humans blood stream, it’s only a matter of time before they die and come back as a Zombie.
The evidence that we have seen is that in order to contract this Zombie Virus, it has to enter your body somehow. Blowing a Zombie’s brains out and getting a splash of blood on your arm, you should be okay as long as you wipe it off immediately and have no open wounds. If you have an open wound, avoid getting any Zombie blood in it, you are a goner for sure, unless you have the testicular fortitude to chop off the limb that has the wound, and I mean within seconds of Zombie blood contact. Kissing a Zombie, out of the question. Having sex with a Zombie… Why even go there, if you are gonna try to get your jollies off with an act of this nature, just jump on out there and become a Zombie all ready.
Because the Viral Zombie can spread it’s “zombieness” so quickly, this also leads to a very dangerous form of Zombie; Fresh/Fast Zombies (which we will discuss in detail in the Part Six of this series).