Sun. May 26th, 2024

Vampire Stake – Long Fang

You are looking at LongFang.

LongFang is a hand carved Vampire Stake.

It is made of Cedar Heart which features veins of the outer branch.  Most of the others I have done start with the outer branch (being a lighter cream color) and tapering into the Cedar Heart.  For this one I wanted to make a stake that was totally a deep rich purple that Cedar is known for.

It measures just over 19″ in length with the starting at about 2″ wide and then tapering to the point.

Towards the handle (kindav where my hand is at in the 1st photo) is an indention that I carved into it for a better grip.  It’s slight, but enough to sustain a good hold.

Great care was used to carve this Vampire Stake and once finished it was given 3 coats of varnish to provide it with a super smooth finish.

Vampire Stake Hand Carved Wood LongFang

The great vampire stake, LongFang, has sold! If you hurry and click the link above, you can still see others that we have for sale!