Horror Block December 2015 Unboxing

First off, I have a gripe about Horror Block.  Supposedly what I am reviewing today is the December 2015 Horror Block.  As you can tell this is being posted on January 6th 2016.  Yes, they do ship it out in December, but still…  It just seems to me to be a bit of wasted marketing.  If they are targeting it for that specific month and are basing it’s theme according to the month, by the time we get these, then the month in which it is supposed to reflect is already over…  Anywho…  If I had to guess, I’d suspect that the delay has everything to do with the issue of Rue Morgue Magazine that is included in each box.. so.. I’ll jump off my soapbox now.

Horror Block touts to cram over $60.00 value into a $20.00 box.  We shall see.  I’ll break down each item and list what one can find it for price wise online.

Let’s check it out!


Wes Craven Tribute T-Shirt:

This is pretty cool.  We have monsters from Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes,  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more.

Value: $15.00 (compared to other sites selling similar themed horror tshirts)


Rue Morgue Magazine Issue 163:


I love the magazine, and there is not a book store within 150 miles of me that even carries magazines anymore! WTF!!!  Anyways, I could always subscribe direct with Rue Morgue and it would cost me roughly $6.80 an issue.  As it is, however, the cover price (and what you would pay in the book store) is a little higher.

Value: $9.95


Freddy Krueger Plush:


He measures just shy of 8″ tall.  His claw is fabric, and is a Horror Block Exclusive.  Doesn’t really do anything else, it’s just a plush toy.

Value: $10.00 (based on other similar style horror plush toys found online)


Zombie Hula Girl:


This little hula zombie girl is really cool.  She hula’s back and forth just like the old 60’s version.

Value: $8.00 (based on similar hula sized dash toys found online)


Daryl Dixon Keychain:


From Funko Pop! (and we LOVE Funko’s products here at ZombieMall) is a small keychain of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon.  He doesn’t have his crossbow on him (maybe Dwight has it), He DOES have his crossbow on his back, but it’s super small (I didn’t see it at first) and a small sticker states that this is a Horror Block Exclusive.  It’s the same figure, pose and look, as you would find normally, but this exclusive version has flecks of blood on him as if he has recently killed a zombie.

Value: $6.00 (based on the same figure found on other sites like Amazon, Hastings, etc)


Cthulhu vs Godzilla Art:


This is a 7″ x 10.5″ thin cardboard print of two titans battling it out.  Both come from the sea, but who will win?  The artist is Paul Hanley and this has a date of 2012 on it.  I’m pretty sure Paul blitzed this across Deviant Art but it’s still VERY cool to see artists works in my hand rather than online.

Value: $10.00 (while I can’t find this exact print online for SALE I did find similar for about ten bucks)


Overview Card:

This card explains the overview of everything in the box.

Value: $0.00


Sneak Preview Card:

This card tells that we can expect something from Carrie, something from Possessed, next issue of Rue Morgue, and more in the next Horror Block.

Value: $0.00


Earn Cash Card:

This card just tells you that if you talk others into subscribing to any of the various Nerd Block subscription boxes, then for each one that signs up you will get $5.00 to go towards your next box.

Value: $0.00


To Recap:

Shirt: $15.00

Magazine: $9.95

Plush: $10.00

Hula Girl: $8.00

Daryl: $6.00

Art: $10.00

Total Value: $58.95

$58.95 hits pretty damn close to the $60.00 they claim to cram into the box!  Thumbs up for me!  I may not be too excited for everything in this box, but there is some cool stuff in it.

You can also check out my unboxing video of this box over on youtube (or right here):

While I don’t exactly care too much for whatever the Carrie item is going to be in next month’s (it had best not be a damn tampon either!) I am looking forward to the box just the same.



Krampus – My Review & WTF!?!!

With a lackluster Halloween for new horror movies, I had heard about Krampus coming out for a Christmas time release.  I admit I was not expecting much from it, and initially I wasn’t going to even bother trying to see it, but there was a hunger in the back of my mind that was needing some movie horror.

A buddy of mine sent me a text asking if I wanted to see it, and my hunger grew a little.  Hey, it’s always a bit more fun to see a movie with someone, especially a horror.

1st, Krampus is a tale of an anti-Santa.  A dark spirit of what Santa is.  Krampus is a demon of sorts that is summoned when people stop believing in Santa.

2nd, it’s something I’ve heard in passing over the years, but never really took much notice, I figured it was just a goofy tale that some random person made up on the spot and it kindav took hold.  Krampus (the tale) is very real, at least as real as the tale of Santa.  It is unclear how far back the folklore on Krampus goes, but some suppose it goes as far back at the 17th century.

3rd, December 5th is celebrated in parts of Europe as Krampus Night, or Krampusnacht.  Look it up.  Strange stuff.

4th, something really messed up happened in the movie theater that I went to see Krampus in (I’ll get to that in a moment).

The Movie:


As I mentioned, I was not expecting too much from Krampus.  It didn’t take itself too seriously, and a fair amount of ‘camp’ was to be expected.  For some reason I kept wanting to call it Krumpus or Kramps.  I’m not sure why, but I just could not make the name stick in my mind.

The opening, accompanied by Bing Crosby’s It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, depicts the crazy holiday shoppers running each other over to get to all the holiday deals on Black Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving), although in this movie it seems to take place around December 19th or 20th.

As detailed in the folklore, the movie follows Max, a young boy, who has lost his hope for Christmas and is starting to doubt the existence of Santa.  His extended family comes to visit (which is almost a direct display of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, right down to the dinner) and he is teased about writing a letter to Santa.  Committing a “F.U.” to believing in Santa, Max rips up the letter and tosses it into the night air.  This seems to be what summons Krampus.

A Sidenote:

At this point we are about 20 minutes or so into the movie, and scary thoughts are starting to flood my mind, I am finding it a little difficult to concentrate on the movie because I’m actually starting to pay more attention to what is beside me…

The Movie (back on track):

Max wakes the next morning to see that a nasty blizzard has hit his town.  Things start to pick up from here.  His sister decides to run off into the blizzard to go to her boyfriend’s house because he is not answering skype (and plus she wants to get away from the nagging extended family).  Her parents let her because the boyfriend only lives 4 blocks away…  But there is a whiteout blizzard outside, so intense that they cannot even see across the street, but they let her go out anyways…

I don’t suppose it would be much of a movie if no one took a risk though..

From there it just goes from bad situation to worse for the dysfunctional family.

Another Sidenote:

What in the holy hell happened in here???

The Movie (yeah, let’s get back to the movie):

Krampus and his minions somehow take down the entire neighborhood, which we don’t really get to see, then they go after Max’s family.  The family tries to fight for their lives in a battle of hope vs despair.

In the end, I have to admit that Krampus was actually a fun ride for what it was.  It was not an out and out horror.  It was a comedic horror.  The script was not bad, the acting was entertaining, the music was REALLY good, and there were very few “super quiet then suddenly something jumps out of the darkness followed by intense loud sounds and/or music just to make the audience jump” moments, and I applaud them for that.

I realize I have aired some complaints about the film, and I admit that I do have a few, but that’s me.  I’m grumpy sometimes and sometimes I overreact.  I will say, that Krampus has made me reevaluate my holiday spirit, and I have to admit, that’s pretty damn impressive.  Based on that alone, I’d have to recommend seeing Krampus.

Forget the Sidenotes now:

What in the hell happened in this movie theater???

The moment I walked into the theater’s seating room, something was wrong.  There was caution tape wrapped around three rows of chairs, a total of 12 chairs were cautioned off.  One of the chairs had a large black garbage bag covering it.


Did we just walk into a murder scene that the theater was too lazy to clean up?

Was this their attempt to get into the Halloween spirit to scare people? Can’t be that, Halloween was a month previous!

All during the movie, I found it very difficult to concentrate on what was going on on-screen because my thoughts kept turning to wondering how many people died next to where I was sitting… And yes, I HAD to sit right next to the cautioned seats…

After the movie was over, I looked up to the ceiling to see if there was any water damage, but I could see nothing up there.


What about that trash bag on that one seat??  Did someone crap themselves?  Someone bleed all over it?  Was there mold all over it?

I mean.. in all fairness, I didn’t see any blood on the floor.. but still…

Surely if it was anything that my imagination conjured up then the theater would have simply closed off this entire room… wouldn’t they?


Naturally I had to jump the caution tape and get a picture…


8 Fun Foods for your Walking Dead Gatherings

Okay… so typically when you think of big events and food you probably think of the Superbowl or a holiday party of some sort.  I know several people that make a Sunday tradition of cooking up a good batch of party food and having Walking Dead parties.  Why not?

I present to you: 8 Fun Foods for your Walking Dead Gatherings!

1) Death Wish Coffee:


You gotta have something to drink, might as well make coffee!  Death Wish Coffee stuff is strong, and I don’t mean it will help keep you up for a bit, no.  This stuff is concentrated caffeine (200% the value of a normal cup of coffee).  Keep this hot on brew all day and you won’t have to worry about falling asleep during your time to watch for walkers!

2) Monster Burgers:



Instead of making those piddly little sliders (rat burgers as we call em) or waste time on dinky sized burgers, let everyone know that you mean business by creating one of these big-ass Monster Burgers!  This particular one was made with 5 pounds of beef, a heal of lettuce, 24 slices of cheese (12 cheddar and 12 swiss), 4 tomatoes, a jar of pickles, two onions (one sauteed and one left raw), more mushrooms than my backyard has, custom made buns, and an entire bottle of Tabasco.  Mayo, mustard, and relish were served on the side.

3) Zombie Hot Dogs:


Eat them before they eat you!  These guys are made with your above average length hot dogs (actually you can use any kind but for these we used kielbasa).  We fired up the grill and got the dogs all nice and cooked.  We used some sub-type rolls for the hot dog buns, slathered those puppies up in various toppings (chili, cheese, relish, jalapeños, onions, and all the other favorite fixings, then we popped them into the oven for about 10 minutes to let the cheese melt and flavors eat into each other.  Add some ketchup or mustard (or more chili) and you have yourself some Zombie Hot Dogs!

4) Zombie Hand Meat Loaf:


This is one everyone can enjoy!  Simply make your traditional meat loaf but instead of putting it into a boring rectangular pan, we shaped it into a hand, covered it in ketchup, and sliced cheese.  We used a purple onion for fingernails and the wrist bone. The cheese you don’t actually eat (unless you want to), instead after you have whatever portion on your plate, you have to peel the skin (cheese) away to enjoy the meaty goodness underneath.  This is served with mashed potatoes and green peas (should you decide to make your head spin later).

5) Zombie Leg:


Yeah, we don’t know.  There is so much pork in this one that it’s scary.  I mean… as in heart attack scary!  We take our kielbasa from the zombie hot dogs from above (we had some left over), wrapped that in bacon, wrap that in ham, wrap that in sausage, and finally wrap that in more bacon…


Now that you have your Zombie Leg all wrapped up, slap that puppy onto a smoker grill and smoke it for several hours until it’s done.  Slice it into appropriate portions and enjoy!


Speaking of smoking something on your grill…

6) Zombie BBQ:

Notice that above photo shows the Zombie Leg all nice and smoke?  Next to it we also see a nice chunk of smoked bbq.  Only this stuff is a surprise.  Well.. not exactly a surprise but it’s hot.  We’re talking cayenne pepper crust, red pepper flakes mixed in, and lots of tabasco.  HOT!  You party goers will be running for the milk after this Zombie BBQ bites them back!  Pull your pork, chop it, or slice it, however you like it, it’s gonna have BITE!


7) WTF Sammiches:

Grab some bread and whatever you have and mix it all together.  One Rule; it HAS to contain hot sauce of some type!

For sammich #1 we used some chili from our zombie hot dogs mixed with some zombie bbq, next to that we put some strawberry whipped frosting and topped it with tabasco.


For sammich #2 we used some tuna, some blueberry yogurt, and some zombie repellent hot sauce.  YUM!


Anything will work really, I’ve also done peanut butter and sauteed onions with tabasco as well as vanilla ice cream, fried chicken nuggets, grape slushee, and cholula hot sauce.

8) Candied Zombie Flesh:

This is a great after dinner desert and let me tell you, it’s rich!  You take as many oranges as you want and remove the peal and cut the peel into 1″ strips.  Take a pan of water and bring it to a boil and cook the peels for about 1 minute.  You then want to drain and rinse the peels under cold water.   Fill the pan again and again bring it to a boil and again cook the peels for 1 minute.  Do this one more time.

What you are doing is removing the bitterness of the peel itself.

Now, take your pan and add some water and sugar (let the sugar dissolve) and bring it to a boil.  Add the orange peels and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.  Use some tongs to remove the peels and let them dry on some parchment paper for at least an hour or more.  You may also notice that they have become slightly translucent.  This is a good thing!

Next you want to heat up some dipping chocolate and dip those orange peels!  Toss them into the fridge to let them set, and now you have some Candied Zombie Flesh!


Traditionally these are dipped in dark chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate so I use that.


There you have it folks!  8 super food items to bring fun and entertainment to any of your Walking Dead gatherings!

What are some of your favorite foods to make?

ZombieMall Interviews Artist Rob Sacchetto

Listen… there is a guy who does kick-ass zombie art… (just one? – uhm.. no, but he is the only one that I am speaking about right now)

I was cruising through my shopping center a while ago and ran across this nifty deck of cards that was all zombied out and the artwork looked very familiar..  As I turned it onto it’s side, I saw that it was done by Rob Sacchetto.  I bought 6 decks right then and there.

I’ve known of Rob’s works for several years now.  I connected with him on Facebook (I’ll post his contact links at the bottom of this post) and over the years our virtual paths would cross, usually when we both would post on a mutual friend’s thread.

That is all behind me know, as I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with him and do an interview for my ZombieMall Podcast/Radio show.

Bottom line, this guy knows what he is doing and has turned out some very awe inspiring zombie artwork.

You can listed to the interview here:

ZombieMall Podcast / Radio Show Interview with Artist Rob Sacchetto

You can listen to the interview also by subscribing on iTunes here:

ZombieMall iTunes

You can watch a visual version of our Podcast on YouTube here:

ZombieMall Youtube Interview with Artist Rob Sacchetto

Rob Sacchetto’s Links:


Rob Sacchetto’s Facebook

Rob Sacchetto’s Twitter

Archie vs Predator – Comic Review

I’ve seen some odd crossovers but this may very well be the strangest yet… This is a very unique combination of worlds in the geek and horror universe!

A Little History First:

The year 1990 saw the release of Predator 2 in the movie theater. Towards the end we were treated with a super cool scene in which the camera slowly pans over a small closet filled with different skull trophies that the Predators had taken. One of the skulls was an Alien skull. Yes, as in the same monster from the movie Alien (and it’s sequels).

BUT.. Did you know that this was not the 1st time these two creatures had a crossover? In 1989 (November and December) we saw two issues of a Dark Horse Presents comic (issues #34 and #35) that each detailed out a separate storyline, issue #34 for Aliens and issue #35 for Predator. In February, 1990, issue #36 came out and so began the 1st official crossover. Aliens Vs Predator soon became a major deal (and I like to believe that it is because of these comics that we saw that Alien’s skull in Predator 2) in the geek world and it spread like wildfire.

Soon AvP comics were everywhere and the what if scenarios seemed to have no end.

Aliens vs Predator was successful, to put it mildly. On it’s heals came many other crossovers; Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator, Aliens vs Predator vs The Terminator, no to mention the countless AvP spinoff comics. There have even been popular fan man videos of Batman vs Predator (Batman: Dead End look it up) posted on Youtube. To say that we hunger for this franchise would be an understatement.

Okay, enough history.. On to the review!

I was cruising through my local bookstore (sadly we do not have a comic shop where I live) and I chanced across issue 3 of Archie vs Predator from Dark Horse Comics. What in the world is this? Is this THE Archie that we all know and love? Is this THE Predator that we all know of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 movie? Yes, indeed!

How can this be? I mean, this idea is absurd (in a good geek way)! It makes no sense! Archie comics have been around since the late 1930’s and a crossover like this just makes no sense (in a thrilling I’ve never thought about this before kind of way)!

I HAD to have it. I thumbed through and found issues 1 and 2 and bought them all right there on the spot. I really wanted to do a review of each one, but since this is a 4 issue series I decided to compact my review into 1 post. I also decided to go a different route with this write up. Normally I would detail out what happens in each comic, but I decided to gloss over the story itself (I mean.. that’s the whole point of this review is to get you interested in buying them to read) and detail our some of the finer points of the comics themselves.

The short version: GO BUY THESE NOW.

The long version:

I really don’t want to give out any spoilers, but I will give a little info about each issue. You can also click on each cover to link directly to Dark Horse Comic’s page to read more about each issue (or you can hit up your local comic shop if you have one).

In each issue; Alex de Campi did the script with Fernando Ruiz doing the penciling, Rich Koslowski did the inking with Jason Millet doing the colors and John Workman doing the lettering.

Issue 1


The cover says: Beach games… Party games… The most dangerous game!

Ruiz, Koslowski and Miller did the standard cover art with Eric Powell doing a variant cover art A and Fransesco Francavilla doing variant cover art B.

This issue was released in April of 2015, it runs just over 20 pages. Spring Break is here and the gang is trying to figure out what to do. Jughead busts open a bag of Tayto-Chips and the gang has won a free tropical vacation to Los Perdidos Resort. Okay, I need to pause here. Once on the island, as you can imagine, things go wrong for our gang. As mentioned I really do not want to give away the storyline so I’ll stop right here, however… Los Perdidos… It means The Lost. Now, what’s REALLY cool about these 4 issues are all of the Easter Eggs hidden within!

Examine the pages of each issue closely and see how many you can find!

Issue 2


The cover says: Back in Riverdale, safe and sound!

Don Parent with Jason Millet did the standard cover art for this issue. Dustin Nguyen did variant cover A and Robert Hack with Stephen Downer did variant cover B.

This issue was released in May of 2015 and has just over 20 pages. Again, no spoilers but I will say that the death toll continues to rise! Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in this issue and speaks some words of Cthulhu origin. We learn that evidently Predators are known by some of the people in the Archie world and have been known for quite some time. Listen, the artwork here is fantastic, the pages are bright and colorful and slick. The adventure continues into…

Issue 3


The cover says: More victims! More mutilations! More Milkshakes!

Gisele with Maria Victoria Robado did the standard cover art for this issue. Paul Pope with Shay Plummer did variant cover A and Kelly Jones with Michelle Madsen did variant cover B.

This issue was released in June of 2015 and has just over 20 pages. Don’t let the cover fool you. The Predator is not a friendly being and the death count continues to grow. Speaking of covers.. for collectors there are a few different variant covers out there of each issue (as I have detailed out). Some are a bit darker than the whimsical ones I am presenting to you here.

Issue 4


The cover says: Frenemies No More!

Andrew Pepoy with Jason Miller did the standard cover art for this issue. Faith Erin Hicks with Cris Peter did variant cover A and Joe Quinones did variant cover B.

This issue came out Today, July 22nd (2015) and has just over 20 pages. This issue is the final one in a 4 part series. It is also chock full of action and mayhem! Pay real close attention to panel 1 on page 4. There are some throwbacks to earlier Archie comic crossovers (more Easter Eggs alluded to in my Issue 1 portion up above).

I really have nothing more to add. This was a rip roaring fun and insane crossover, something I’m very pleased with running across. I cannot recommend this 4 part series enough. If for any other reason just to have it to collect.

Speaking of collecting…

Hard Cover Edition of Archie vs Predator


Due out in November of this year (2015) is a special Hard Cover edition… If you head over to Dark Horse Comics now (you will actually be directed over to Things From Another World – a great place to buy comics online), you can pro-order it for only $15.99! As soon as payday hits, I’m pre-ordering one for myself!


That’s it folks! Bottom line is.. check this comic out! It’s a quality comic done up right on quality paper, it has a solid story and is just plain old fashioned comic book fun! Buy it!

Now.. if I can just figure out a way to convince Dark Horse Comics to entertain a pitch I have for my comic book…

Maggie – a Zombie Blu-Ray Review

As the name of my site indicates, we like zombies.  When I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be in a zombie flick, I thought to myself.. really?  How is that going to work?  I figured it was going to be a big budget action shoot-em-up kind of movie.  Slowly, more details came in about the movie Maggie.

It also stars Abigail Breslin (from M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs and another zombie movie called ZombieLand) as Arnold’s daughter.

It came out with a very limited release in theaters and I never had the opportunity to see it.  Upon it’s Blu-Ray release, I jumped at the chance to review it, and thus… I present to you… my review of Maggie:


Maggie is most certainly not an action packed movie.  This is quite the opposite of anything you may expect from Arnold.  It’s drama plain and simple.  The over all story is not complicated in any way.  It’s about a dad (Arnold) whose daughter (Abigail) is bitten by a zombie and over what seems to be a two week period, shows how she slowly turns into one.  The movie focuses on Arnold and his take on what is going on.

From a cinematic view it’s beautifully shot.  The colors everywhere are toned down to give it a more “dreadful” feel.  It clocks in at just over an hour and a half and you feel every moment.  That’s another way of saying that this movie is slow.  Really slow.  I mean even slower than that.  There is not much dialog and there are slow moving shots of random backgrounds (the sky, woods, burning fields).  All of these shots, I suppose, are to set up the bleak world setting.

There are LOTS of close up shots of faces.  Tight shots, as they call it, which almost detracts from the movie itself.  I get that they are trying to establish character development and emotions through tight silent shots, but I feel they went overboard here.

Zombies are not a main focus here.  Yes, there are some peppered throughout, but they are there really just to show the disease itself.  More on my thoughts about this at the bottom of the post.

The soundtrack is haunting and calming at the same time.  There are no “jump out and go boo!” suspense moments, no spiked music as a cat jumps into frame, it’s just a nice movement of music complimenting the scenes.

The acting is great on all parts.  My biggest hang up with Maggie is how slow the movie was.  That hour and a half felt like three.

Blu-Ray Extras:

Director Commentary – I’ve not watched this yet.  I’ll have to get myself into a slow moving mood before I can try.

Making Maggie Featurette – This was pretty neat, had a few interview segments and showed behinds the scenes elements.

Deleted Scene – just a short two minute deleted scene between Wade (Arnold) and his wife.  This actually should have been included in the movie itself as it explained that Abigail’s mom in this film was actually her step-mom.

Cast/Crew Interviews – good material here for those interested.  Interviews are of the director (Henry Hobson), the writer (John Scott III), Arnold, Abigail, and Joley Richardson (plays the step-mom).

Trailer Gallery – Shows the movie trailer

All in all, this movie is fine.  It is not a must see from a zombie enthusiast’s perspective, but the way it all played out is beyond fascinating.

Earlier I mentioned about my thoughts about the element of Zombie in this movie.  I really feel you could have easily exchanged this zombie virus for something else, such as cancer, aids, or even old age and you would have had the exact same movie.  At the end of the movie, the zombie element is just not important to the story.  It’s more about loss and watching a loved one degenerate before you.

28 Months Later

Alex Garland is kindav on fire right now. You know the wildly successful indie sci-fi film called Ex Machina ? He wrote that. Zombie fans also know him from 28 Days Later the zombie film from director Danny Boyle.
On a side note, I don’t care what anyone says, the 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later flesh eating ghouls are zombies. You can read my justification for them being zombies here: What is a Zombie? Part Four: Rage Zombie
Okay, that said… Let’s jump back to the possibility of a 28 Months Later movie..

Alex Garland has stated to Indiewire that he is not a big fan of sequels, and had very little to do with the story of 28 Weeks Later (he was an Executive Producer but contributed little to the actual story – and some will argue that it’s in this movie that they really became zombies – but again I digress…). However, with that said, he also states that he organically came up with an idea for a continued 28 Days/Weeks movie. He has said that sequels are generally forced, either by pressure of fans or by pressure of the movie studio and because of that they can be rushed and can turn out being just okay instead of what the real vision with careful thought could be. (I kindav paraphrased there)

This go around, Garland has given the idea to the producer of the 1st two films, Andrew McDonald, who has been reported to be fleshing it out. It probably won’t be called 28 Months Later (but it could be). It certainly can’t be called 28 Years Later because it’s only been, what, 12 years since Days and 8 years since Weeks? Though, I supposed we could still Months as the 1st movie and 2nd movie were released 4 years apart and that’s certainly a fair amount more than 28 weeks.

What would you call it?

Of course, nothing is written in stone, but hey.. this is still some cool news of a cool zombie franchise!

Hand Made Vampire Stakes by ZombieMall

Here at ZombieMall, not only do we know zombies but we also know vampires!

I started crafting hand made vampire stakes several years ago, using them mostly for cos-play and never really considered making them for anyone other than myself.

That thought process is done and I’ve made several for others. In fact, they have become such a hit I’ve made several for whomever wants them.

You can find them over on my Etsy page:

ZombieMall.com 2014 Wrap-Up

ZombieMall.com 2014 Wrap-Up and a little exploring into what can be expected in 2015.

2014 was a crazy fun year for ZombieMall!

We reviewed books!

We reviewed movies!

We even reviewed some scary ass coffee!

We added a shopping cart, made some vampire stakes, and posted out some Zombie University Diplomas!

We took in just shy of about 800,000 unique hits over the past 12 months.  Not too bad, but I really want to increase traffic.

This is where I need to reach out to you.

I need more stuff to review!

Do you have something that you want reviewed? A book that you have written, perhaps? Or a movie that you have made? Shoot me a message and let me know the details, I’d be more than happy to give it a whirl!

Contact me via email ( dead@zombiemall.com ) or via our Facebook page: ZombieMall Facebook

I have two sites that I do my reviews on, and in some instances, where they fit, I cross post them. GameMasters.com hosts pretty much everything from games to movies to books to electronics. ZombieMall.com hosts pretty much everything horror related.

Horns – A DVD Review


I missed the chance to see Horns in the movie theater. I wanted to see it on the big screen for a couple of reasons, but mainly I just wanted to see it.

It came out on DVD not too long ago (well.. okay, not too long ago as of my writing of this review – it came out on January 6th, 2015) and I finally managed to grab a copy.

Horns is based on the book (albeit a bit loosely), Horns, by Joe Hill. Joe Hill, in an attempt to distance his name from his father, is the son of Stephen King. His full name is Joseph Hillstrom King. You can certainly see where his pen name came from. I get why he did this, he wanted to succeed based on his own merits rather than ride on the coat-tails of his father.

Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure that it matters any more. He’s good at his craft, and I will most certainly read his books. I’m sure that, like some of his dad’s writings, some will be a big hit with me and some will be a miss. I’m not too worried about it, and I doubt Joe will lose any sleep over whether or not I read (or don’t read) something of his.

There are plenty of differences between the book and the movie, locations are a little different, characters are a little different, but the overall story is the same. I feel comfortable in saying that if you liked the book you will probably enjoy the movie. As I mentioned, it’s not an exact copy of the book and a lot of the symbolism in the writing was lost in the visual of the movie. That said, however, if you have not read the book you won’t notice!

If I had to sum up Horns into a category, I don’t think I could. It’s a little bit of horror, a little bit of romance, and a little bit of who-dun-it.

Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Heather Graham and David Morse are among the more stand out actors (and actresses) in Horns.

Let’s Get Real:

We all have had that one love in our life, that one that we loved and lost. The one we think about, but try not to think about. Ignatius (everyone calls him Iggy or Ig – played by Daniel Radcliff) has found such a love in Merrin (played by Juno Temple). She is his everything.

When she is found dead, the town thinks that Ig did it. Ig awakens one morning to find horns growing out of his head. No one seems to think anything of it, but almost everyone feels compelled to spill their most intimate secrets to him.

I typically don’t like to give a step by step, blow by blow account of what happens in the movies I review, and I’m not going to do that here, but I will say that Horns provides a run ride in watching Ig deal with his new found power.

I’ve seen several reviews that attempt to mirror this movie to the pseudo-vampire movies, Twilight. While Harry Potter Horns is not, neither is it Twilight (well, okay my little slam against those shimmering vampires – I watched the 1st one and none of the others – oh.. and vampires do not fucking sparkle).

They are different movies after all. While casting Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and Joe Anderson of Twilight fame, I’m positive the casting was done to pull in those respective movie’s fan base. In the end it is all an attempt to make cash, right?

The Nitty Gritty:

Nudity, there is some.  Not much, but there is some.  There is a little Radcliffe ass and a little Juno ass and boob.  It’s a little uncomfortable where they placed it, because the scene that comes (no pun intended) just before it is a flash-back of them being kids.  It’s just a strange transition.

Gore, is there gore?  Yeah.  Blood, open wounds, missing fingers, and a blown up head.  Yeah, there is blood and guts.  It is rated R.

There is a disturbing assault scene in which we see how Merrin is killed, I didn’t care for that, never have.

The special effects were really good, everything actually looked in place.  Did that come out right? What I mean is.. well.. you know how some CGI in movies just looks fake? The CGI in Horns is really good.

DVD Extras:

It just has one extra and that is the Making of Horns. It’s not exactly a making of, as it more of just a long advertisement for the movie. There is not really much substance to it, a couple of clips from the movie, Joe Hill talks a bit about the characters, and a few of the actors are interviewed about their characters.

About 13 minutes in we do get to see some good behind the scenes stuff with how they made the horns and fitted them to Radcliffe.

The Making of Horns is just over 18 minutes long.

And that’s it.

No commentary, no deleted scenes, nothing else.

As I understand it, the Blu-Ray offers nothing else other than the Making of Horns.


All in all, Horns is a fun ride. Yeah, there are things I would have changed, and elements I would have explored more of, but by the time I got done with it, it probably would not be the same movie at all.

Horns runs 120 minutes and is rated R for sexual content, some graphic nudity, disturbing violence, language, and drug use.